How to increase website speed

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How to increase website speed

why website speed is more important for the business
high speed describes the high conversion rate. 40% of the user abandoning from the website due to the low website speed. website speed is most important factor for getting business easier. if website is slow then you may loose the business.

For instant, if you are browsing a website that website has low speed then what would you do next , you may exit from that website. so you won’t browse that website next time and that website may lose you. if you browse other website that has good website speed then you can prefer that website in future also. slow of the website most irritating factors for the users, that change the user to not visit that website again.

google updated their algorithm and mostly concentrated on website speed because of google gives more comfortability for the users. google consider the website speed as a SEO factor to push the website forward on the search engine result page. Don’t be ignored the website speed. This is the major factor for business sites like e – commerce site and affiliate sites and bloggers sites and more business models.

why website is low, there lost of factors decides the website speed. What are that factors web hosting and plugins and image optimization, page optimization and more tracking codes and more other factor now every website owner has to learn about speed up the website.

1. Use Light weight Templetes

Light weight templates makes the website lightening fast. that templates may not use more resources from the server. then website become more fast and smoother. high weight templates requires the more resources from the servers then it’s most effect on the server then website becomes more slower and harder. most of the wordpress templates need above 300kb of resources then it’s been most effected on site load speed. 

So use best templates that should not be required more than 300kb of resources from the server. Resources means CPU, RAM, Bandwidth and more 

Stop using heavy weight templates. if you’re an existing template then sift to light weight template as soon as possible. 

Best Tip :
Use Astra pro theme, it’s a speed optimized and light weight template that increase wordpress website speed.

Why astra is a speed templates
1. Astra requires less than 50KB of resources from the server
2. It’s being loads at just 0.5 seconds, then it’s a super fast template
3. Astra is a No jQuery template that uses vanilla java Script for render blocking jquery.
4. Astra gives 50+ features without compromising the website speed.
5. You can use for unlimited websites with single purchase

20 % Off On Astra Pro WordPress Theme

Life Time , Unlimited Websites Usage

2. Avoid using excessive tracking codes

Using more tracking codes lead to slow down the website. More tracking codes effects on server. And also damage the header of the website then cause to slow down the website. there are more tracking codes are google analytics code, google tag manager code, facebook pixels codes, web master tracking codes and more javascripts code that are mandatory for the website for tracking purpose that more effect on website speed. not only google and facebook tracking codes there are more tracking codes from more software tools.

Best Tip for avoid more tracking codes :
Google tag manager
is the best solution to avoid using more tracking codes because don’t want to inbuilt google analytics code and facebook pixel code and more tracking code separately in your website. 

google tag manager can handle all with single javascript code. are confusing let me explain deeply if you have google tag manager account then you need to paste one single javascript code in your website for tracking your site. Then you can directly integrate your google analytics and pixels code and console code and more conversion tracking codes with google tag manager account. that gives all in one access for more tracking codes. If you observes the below image then you would get more clarity.

tracking codes
3. Choose Best web hosting and lightening speed hosting

Web hosting plays the crucial role in website speed. good hosting means good website speed. There are lots of web hosting company then how would you choose the best web hosting for your site. choose best light speed web server that means it’s been giving good website speed. lightening speed servers that eliminates the 3rd party caching layers and consumes the less memory and CPU.

Best Web hosting Tip :
Hostinger is best solution for increase website speed. we can say proudly this website has been hosting on hostinger.

  Why hostinger is the best web hosting. 

70% off on hosting + 10% off from our coupon code + free SSL+ Free Domain = Best Speed website

Astra Pro templete + Hostinger web hosting = less than 0.7s website speed

4. Avoid Using of excessive plugins

if you want to run successful wordpress website you have to install more plugin that shows more effect on your server then leads to slow down the website and some time it’s break the website also. Make sure before going to install plugin whether it’s been tested by wordpress or not. 

Use necessary plugins only avoid using unnecesary plugins means that has to be more useful for your wordpress site. use mandatory plugins only. 

Best Tip : Don’t use free plugins that most harmful to your site, there are most trusted free plugin with limited features, who provides premium version also. Use only that plugins onlys

5. Optimize Images

Do you know that images reduce the website speed. Images are most consideration factor in loading speed even you use of best themes and best hosting.
So image optimization is very most factor to improve website loading speed. You can optimize images in two ways, those are with plugins and manually.

Best Tips For Image optimization :
1. Image size should be less than 200KB
2. Use tinypng plugin for optimize the images without compromising clarity. it’s absolutely free plugin, it’s been reduce the image file size without effecting the clarity of image. You can optimize 500 images per month if you exceed 500 then that will be charge with little amount but free version is more than enough for small and Medium business sites.
3. Manual way to optimize the images from your wordpress dashboard but it’s decrease the little bit clarity of images, even this is the best way of image optimization without using plugins

6. Use CDN ( Content Delivery Network )

CDN means content delivery networks, if you use CDN For your website, then user can able to browse your site globally without slow down the website. For example : your website from india then your server location would be near to india, if user comes from USA to your site, then your site will be slow to load or browse the site. if your site integrated with CDN then website more active on globally with high speed. CDN, automatically connects the near server of user location or website visitors to improve the performance of the website.

Best CDN Tip : Use Clouflare Content delivery Network. You can get free cloudflare when you purchase the web hosting. You no need to purchase Cloudflare individually. Hostinger provides free cloudflare CDN.

7. Use Lazy load for images

Use lazy load for your site it’s look after the images lets not load at a time, means loading all images at a time in site would be leads to slow down the website. it’s like a lifting huge wait at a time on your single solders. If your site has lazy load it lets load the images only while scrolling website.

8. Avoid using more icons

Don’t use excessive icons in your website. it’s slow down the website speed. icons are consist of jquery that effects the website speed. Use limited icons per webpage. 

Best Tip : Use less than 6 icons per page that is best thing to avoid more icons.

9. Avoid using more cache plugins

There are lots of cache plugins are there to speed up the website, even you should use most popular and trusted plugins that are more speed up the website. use only one constant plugin that may habitual to speed up the website, do not change the plugins after few days of use.

why website needs the cache cleaning : browser stores the some copies of html document file and images from you have recently visit website in that temporary storage to reduce the bandwidth and lag and server load that called as the website cache

if you updated your website even browser shows previous version of your website because browser stores the data of your website then it’s been shows like previously you have visited site. So to see the latest version of your website you should clear the cache from the browsers then users able to see the latest version of the website with improving the website speed.

Best Tip : use trusted and best cache cleaning plugins those are WpRocket and Litespeed cache plugin

10. Minify Html and Css and Javascripts

Minifying html and CSS and Javascripts are most important to increase the website speed. Minifying means reduce the space between the scripts or codes to save the bytes of the data to improve the downloading speed and responding speed.

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