Hostinger Review

Genuine, Personal Review about hostinger hosting, Speed, Free Domain, Free SSL, Uptime

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Hostinger Review

This Genuine and personal and research review about hostinger. We are been personally using hostinger and our clients also been using hostinger and we are being recommending hostinger to our clients. Why are using and recommending hostinger to our own projects and our clients. read whole review this makes more useful and informative and makes good decision about hosting for your business websites. 

About Hostinger

Hostinger is the best hosting gaint in the web hosting industry. We aften calls it as cheap and best web hosting because we can get super fast web hosting at cheapest prices with best performance.
Hostinger was established in 2004. and has been gradually increasing their services since that born. Now hostinger has 29M+ Happy customers and 10K Sign up per every day. That’s why we can called it as web hosting gaint in web hosting industry.
they are been serving over globally.

Infact, this website is has been hosting on hostinger. We can say proudly we are the happy customer of hostinger and we are been suggesting the hostinger to our clients to host thier website in hostinger. Even every one has to know more information about hosting where they should host their website
Here we have hostinger review that has full fledged real information about hostinger. We transfer my web hosting from Godaddy to Hostinger. We realy became a fan of Hostinger, so we are always been suggest the our clients to host their sites on Hostinger.


Hostinger Review

We have genuine review about Speed, Shared Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Uptime, Customer Support, Free Domain, Free SSL, Pricing, Renewal price, Back Up, 

Hostinger Shared Hosting Review

We gives the rating for the hostinger shared hosting 9 out of 10 because you can get good and best hosting with perfect and limited resources for small and medium scale business websites. or this website proudly hosting on shared business hosting with unlimited website usage. Infact we are happy with business shared hosting with limited resources. Coming to prices i never find other hosting provider with my budget. if you observes other hosting company you can find minimum above 10 USD/Month with same features, we purchased unlimited business shared hosting was at price of 3.99 USD/Month. Now we are been hosting 5 sites in my plan.

What is Shared hosting ?

Shared hosting means, a single server which has limited resources are been shared with multiple websites by allocating limited resources individually.
Shared hosting is mostly used for blogging sites and official sites and personal sites and small business sites with limited disk space.

hostinger shared hosting

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Additional review of Shared hosting

Hostinger Cloud Hosting Review

Cloud hosting means, Not only One server Multiple servers with more resources are been allocated to your websites only. You won’t need to be shared with other websites. This is Cloud hosting.

Why Cloud Hosting Needs ?

Cloud hosting is the power of speed and Reliability. it’s more important for e-commerce sites and fast growing sites to handle more traffic. Uptime of cloud hosting is greater uptime, you have less chances to go your website offline.
Cloud hosting comes with more resources like RAM and CPU and Bandwidth. If your website hosting has more resources then your website would be more speed and reliability.

hostinger cloud hosting plans pricing

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Rating for Cloud Hosting

Hostinger Speed Review

Hostinger is the best light weight server. those types of server increase the responding time of the website. Light weight servers are best solution for the fast growing business websites.

Speed of the hostinger is very more consideration factor in the website hosting industry. we personally using the hostinger, speed of the hostinger is super fast with light weight. Ensuring loading speed is 0.200s but some websites host on hostinger speed is above 2 sec because of lack of proper page optimization. Even you choose best hosting sometimes website might be slow due to less page optimization. Hostinger speed is very nice.

speed of the website depends major 4 factor those are Web hosting, Theme, Page optimization, Image Optimization. All of those factor hostinger web hosting speed is consideration for website hosting.
Hostinger provides the lightspeed cache plugin that makes the website more super fast by clearing cache and ZGip compression.

Hostinger Pricing Review

Hostinger is the best chealp web hostinge provider. We can get hosting with affordable prices. Hostinger is the budget friendly web hosting provider for tighten budget business owners. 

You can get hosting starting at 0.99 USD per month means Rs.59/Month with free ssl certificate and more additional features sometimes you can get free domain for one year also. No one can gives those benefits for hosting of your website. Pricing of hosting is very consideration factor of website.
We gives rating for pricing of hostinger is 10 out of 10 without no doubts because best hosting with best features for affordable prices.

Hostinger Renewal Pricing Review

We gives rating for renewal price of hostinger web hosting is 10 out of 10 because you can see rewal price list only in hostinger, if you observes the any hosting company they won’t show renewal price list. Prices of renewal in hostinger has been very affordable compared to other hostings. Renewal price difference would be 1-3 USD/Month Only this is very cheap renewal price of hosting.

SSL Certificate Review

SSL Certificate indicates the whether website secured or not. That means protect the data of customers while they are been entering their details in your website. Google takes the ssl certificate as SEO Major factor for website that means google prefers the ssl websites in search engine result page. Google doesn’t gives access to non-ssl website to advertise on google and it’s partnered platforms.

Hostinger is the cheap ssl certificates for website. Hostinger provides the standard level of security certificate with upto 256 bit of encryption. They provides Lifetime validity ssl certificates for only 11 USD Means Rs.855/Lifetime. No web hosting provider gives lifetime ssl to website for those prices.
Hostinger providers free SSL Certificates for their clients for 1 website.
We gives rating for ssl certificates for hostinger is 10 out of 10

hostinger ssl plans

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Features of Hostinger SSL Certificates

Hostinger Free Domain Review

Free domain always been depends on plan that would you choose. you can get free domain for premium plans that starts with Rs.119 or 2.89 USD/Month.

Sometimes get will get free domain for start up plan that depends on hostinger company. Overall getting domain at Rs.199 or 2.89 USD is really good to get free domain for one year. With free you would be save Rs.1089 or 14.80 USD

And one more thing if you’re not eligible for free domain. do not buy domain from other platforms like namecheap and more because hostinger provides the full flexible domain, you can purchase from hostinger that will be super fast because of their name server pointing is very fast.

Review of back up

Back up is more important factor for website industry because sometime your website faces more issues due to some of other reasons then you should be back up your website to become as it is before.Then
you need to contact hosting providers. we personally face that problems because caching issues and plugin violations then hostinger back up my website as it is before, You can also do back up from your dashboard if you have some technical skills. Hostinger also help to back up your website with their technical team if you raise a ticket.

But back up feature is depends on your plan that you had purchased. Hostinger provides two features of back up one is Daily back up and Weekly back depends on plans. Daily back up feature more important because you can able back up your website as much as you want with time also. For Example your website fine at yesterday but you are facing problem on today then you can bring your website as it is yesterday. Our best suggestion is purchase daily back up providing plan that makes more comfortable for your sites.

Business plan provides the daily back up proudly are been using business plan for Rs.219/month. Business plans comes with Unlimited website usage, daily back up, free ssl, free domain, More resources.

Hostinger Set Up Review

Hostinger has simply set up feature that allows you to handle everything without having technical knowledge. You can set wordpress with single set up. 

You can take the help of hostinger to set up every thing if you don’t handle but it’s takes sometime to set up because hostinger response is little bit late because they have 30 Millions customers it’s been take little bit of time from their if they start work on your concern definitely that would be solved very soon. Even Set up is only on our hand.

Cache Manger Review
Hostinger Cache manager

Cache manager is the feature in hostinger that keep the website clean the cache of website files to speed up the website this a SEO factor to increase the rank of the website in search engine result page because google consider the speed is major factor in SEO.

Another best feature is You can cache website automatically for every 30 minutes with single time set up then you cache being cleared for every 30 minutes. Then it’s make website up to date latest version of every webpage in your website.

Unlimited Hosting Review

Ulimited hosting is most important for the large and medium scale businesses. you can get unlimited hosting for selected plans only that means business plans. Our best suggestion is that purchase unlimited website usage hosting plan because that definetely allows to host more sites of your business to host, you don’t need to buy seperate hosting for your another website or websites then budget will be saved.

Hostinger provides to host more than 100 website for premium and business plans with affordable price with huge resources and unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited hosting can handle more traffice or visitors to your site easly but not single hosting or basic hosting. You can host single website in basic or single hosting plans. We personally experienced with hostiger, we are been using business plan with unlimited hosting only for Rs.219/Month, this is very affordable hosting price.

We are been using currently 5 business website in my hostinger business plan. We happy with hostinger unlimited hosting. Here one more thing is you can set up unlimited website easly without having coding knowledge.
I think no one can give unlimited hosting for 2.89 USD/Month. You won’t get even single website hosting in other hosting platform with light speed server for those prices.

Technical Support Review

Support is the most depending technical conseration for website, whether website owners wants to host longer years or not.

we personally facing more problems with our website due to some coding and other external violation of plugins then website leads to damage then we to contacted advanced developer to rectify the problem even no one can access to control website due to error, then we contacted the hostinger technical support, they helped us more to reactive our website as it is before. 

The problem was solved despite the late response sometimes.

Best feature of hostinger is they have great engineering team to solve the clients problems.

Money Back Guarantee Review

Money back important for who don’t have satisfaction with product they are been using. Hostinger gives 30 money back guarantee. We didn’t need money back yet and my clients also we are now happy with hostiger services. Even they are proving money back guarantee for 30 days of use if you are not happyu with hostinger.
And we researched about money back of hostinger is very most responsive, you can contact hostinger support if you don’t reach your expectations as per plans.

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