Advertise with us, is a best platform for Online Advertising Seekers with affordable prices. We Provides advertising services for small, Medium scale business owners with our website and social media platforms, and we also provide outsourcing like Online Advertising Services i,e google advertising, social media advertising services for your businesses.

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Advertising Pricings Provides the advertising for Small and Medium Scale Business Owners, It’s great opportunity to businesses with affordable price by using Our website plantform and social media platforms. Prices are very lower than others 

Short-Term Plan

1 week Plan

₹ 1500


Medium-Term Plan

2 week Plan

₹ 2500


Long-Term Plan

1 Month Plan

₹ 4000


Yearly Plan

1 Year Plan



Advertising Benefits

No One Can Gives this Type of Advertising Benefits

Sticky Banner advertising

Sticky Header Carousel

Sticky Header Carousel that helps to make more brand awareness of your product or brand name. Your banner placed at the header. Its automatically  allows the user to see your brand or product at every page and every post of the website at top position

Home Page carousel

Home page Carousel that means your banner placed in Promotional Section of the home page, User can easily see the your brand or product or services that you offers to customers .

advertising at posts

Display Banner at Related Posts

Display Banner at related posts that allow you promote your brand or product in related posts. If you’re from mobile brand, banner will be placed at electronic related posts.

social media post & story

Social Media Post & Story

Social Media post & Story, we will post your brand name or product banner in our social media community. That lets the our customers to know about your brand or products or services. 

Social Media Paid Promotions

We gives the one day free paid promotion for your brand or product additionally with all brand related targeting like locations targeting, Audiences targeting, Demographic Targeting  & etc..

Google paid promotion

Google Paid Promotions

We additionally gives the free google paid promotion with GSN Platform means Google Search Network that brings the exact traffic to your website or product landing page. 


Why Should I Advertise with ? is the best solution for brand awareness of business. it’s been leader in online shopping info site and huge unique visitors and strong Social media community. It’s a cheap price advertising platform compared to others. if you ask a social media who has good followers they charge you nearly 2000 – 4000 per day with single post . Here you get social media post and website promotional sliders and advertise at related posts also to get more brand awareness. 

What Should I do After Plan Purchase ?

Once you purchased any of those plans then we will verify your purchase plan history then we will contact you for advertising details with in 24 Hours even you don’t get response from us then drop a single mail that mention below . Requirement details are, Brand logo, Business name, Business Category and Offers details what you’re offering to peoples and your landing page URL of the website. Send all details to below mail id.

Contact details : [email protected]

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Web Design Services Only @ Rs.8000 / One time Payment provides best class Digital Services for Small & Medium Size businesses with very cheapest prices with more free integrations…

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